Friday, February 09, 2007

Catholic Voices...

I thought I'd highlight some courageous, faithful, Catholic leaders this morning, whose voices should encourage those that may have the notion of late, that the candle of our faith has been placed under the bushel basket.

1. Archbishop Ovidio Perez Morales of Venezuela.

Totalitarianism is on the march in Venezuela, Archbishop warns (CNA)
In a forceful editorial this week, Archbishop Ovidio Perez Morales, one of the most respected Church leaders in Venezuela denounced the march towards totalitarianism that the current government has undertaken.The Archbishop Emeritus of Los Teques, cited a definition of totalitarianism offered by John Paul II, saying that it “destroys the fundamental freedom of man and violates his rights.”

The Archbishop is staring into the jaws of Dictator Chavez and is unafraid to protect his flock.

2. Sister Maria Crucis Beards of Zambia Africa

Condoms not the answer for Zambian pendemic, AIDS - fighting nun says (CNA)

“I believe telling people about the importance of chastity and fidelity is the only way to tackle the crisis. Condoms have been freely available for 10 years or more and yet there’s been no obvious change in HIV levels. Clearly, condoms don’t work,” she said.

Sr. Crucis stressed the need for action against HIV, saying that up to 200,000 Zambians are in urgent need of HIV treatment with anti-retroviral therapy and about half of all general hospital admissions involve people infected with the illness.

This is probably not the answer the U.N. was looking for... but then the good sister has a higher authority on her side. She is actually there, working and caring for these people.

3. Cardinal Jose da Cruz Policarpo of Portugal

Cardinal urges Portugal to reject abortion in upcomming vote (CNA)

Portugal's top cleric urged followers to reject abortion as the predominantly Catholic country heads into a weekend referendum on whether to do away with the country's pro-life legislation.

Each of these Church leaders in their own way is spreading the Gospel, non-compromising the faith and in the face of major opposition.

God has given us some good examples to follow. Let's pray for the strength we need to place that candle on top of the basket and be the light in the world that Christ asks us to be.

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