Friday, February 02, 2007

Catholic the Media

I read this Headline yesterday and couldn't figure it out. Maybe you have some thoughts.

'Mummy's Boys' unfit to stay wed, says Rome
Being tied to your mother's apron strings is sufficient grounds to annul a marriage by the Vatican, it has emerged.

Where did they get this information...yet it's in the paper.

Officials ruled on several cases of men and women who were judged to be so dependent on a parent that they were unfit for marriage.

Judges on the Roman Rota, the top Catholic tribunal in the Vatican, agreed for an undisclosed number of marriages to be annulled on such grounds, according to a review of the judicial year.

A review by whom?

This is a very short article with resources to look up. It did give some statistic, of which I couldn't verify.

I did find this related article...

VATICAN - Pope Benedict XVI addresses the Tribunal of the Roman Rota: “The indissolubility of marriage does not derive from the definitive commitment of the two parties involved; rather it is intrinsic to the nature of the 'potent bond established by the Creator.'"

...which tells a completely different account of what the Church REALLY says about marriage.

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