Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Catholics Debate Iraq

The National Catholic Register has an article where 6 prominent Catholics give their thoughts on the war in Iraq. I think this article shows that Catholics are engaged in the world and that their opinion is important.

Catholics Join Debate Over Bush’s Iraq Plan. We spoke with Sen. Sam Brownback, George Weigel, Mark Shea, Robert Royal, Russell Hittinger and Robbie George.

As I said in previous posts, Religion & Politics should be discussed in a the Catholic arena, their importance in that order. I believe we can have some intelligent, healthy debate without tearing each other apart.

I've read such debates online where you wouldn't guess that the debaters are Catholics by their tone and uncharitable exchanges. I love a good debate, where truth is the goal and slander takes a back seat.

This article is just such an exchange. Enjoy.

... by the way my views are along George Weigel's thoughts.

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