Monday, January 22, 2007

Today's News Headlines

I don't know why, but today' news stories seem to have hit an all time low. I'm not talking just about the war in Iraq or on terrorism overall, but more disturbing in a way is status of today's society.

(photo courtesy of CNN)

Case in point, so far I've read about an unfortunate cargo ship mishap. Cargo containers washed up on shore and is the story about oil-slick birds and their rescue? Nope, it's about hundreds of individuals storming the beaches to take what they can scavenge. Hey it's washed up on shore, then it's mine! (Read this...)

(photo Courtesy of CNN)
Then there's the infamous Sundance film festival, meant to show off the creativity of today's film directors and film makers. Some of you have already heard of Dakota Fanning's rape scene (read this). Well on further review of the Sundance festival, certain film critics are giving a thumbs up to a Bestiality movie entitled 'Zoo'. I'm not even going to provide a link to that.

Another story from the entertainment industry, meant to stimulate the outer reaches of artistic creativity, is the new Broadway fare "Spring Awakening".

Not a particularly tasteful news day to say the least. Not a very encouraging one as well. All these stories put in the light that, 'hey, this is what freedom is all about!'
Seems we're not the advance society we would like to consider ourselves to be.

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