Thursday, January 04, 2007

Catholics in the 110th Congress

I read this NewsMax post this morning. "Catholicism Top Faith in U.S. Congress" and a few thoughts entered my mind.

(tid-bit of article)
Roman Catholics are the largest single U.S. religious denomination among members of the new U.S. Congress which also includes two Buddhists and a Muslim.

1. Does this mean that these are practicing Catholics? If so does that mean that abortion and other such issues will be expunged from our society?

The breakdown for the 535 members of the 110th Congress being sworn in Thursday:

Catholic 155; Baptist 67; Methodist 61; Presbyterian 44; Jewish 43; Episcopal 37; Protestant nondenominational 26; Christian nondenominational 18; Lutheran 17; Mormon 15; United Church of Christ 7.

Eastern Orthodox 5; Christian Science 5; Assemblies of God 4; Unitarian Universalist 2; African Methodist Episcopal 2; Buddhists 2; Evangelical 2; Seventh Day Adventists 2; Christian Reformed 2; Disciples of Christ 2; Church of Christ 2; Congregational Baptist 1; Anglican 1.

2. With so many Christians in Congress will that mean new laws promoting the family are on the way? Things like NO abortion, NO euthanasia, More parental notification, marriage laws promoting one man and one woman?

Let us pray for our new Congress, may they seek God's guidance in all the do and say.

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