Thursday, January 18, 2007

Another Pelosi...

Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, is promoting her new documentary film: "A Friend of God - A Road Trip With Alexandra Pelosi.

Sounds like she's riding the coat tails of her mother's political ambitions. She admits to being a 'lapsed Catholic' but blames it on her Catholic Schooling.

She my be correct if indeed that's what they taught. Personally, I have a feeling she gained most of her thought processes from her mom.

Her documentary is suppose to be an adventure of a 'Home-grown blue state girl visiting red states' ( ...this terminology is her own, not mine).

This caught me eye as I read the article: "[Alexandra] Pelosi was already in an introspective mood, re-examining her own spirituality as she approached parenthood. When she completed the documentary less than two weeks before giving birth, Pelosi says she had a "personal revelation: I have to take my son to church." A baptism is planned.

"Because if I don't, he will be called 'unchurched' and (those are the people) most susceptible to some of the more extreme religions later in the life," Pelosi says.

"You have to give your children something that they can reject if they want to."

What? Is this confusion or what? What about raising your child in the faith instead of reading the Polls?

[Well, the polls say, if I appear to be churched, that will make me more acceptable...or in her mothers case... more electable.]

Anyways, read the article there's so much more there that sheds light on what we can expect from the new Speaker of the House. The confusion she taught her kids is what she's trying to spoon feed the nation.

Thanks to LA Catholic, where I originally read the post. Go over and visit his site: He's here on the California front-lines with yours trully... WCC +<><

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