Thursday, January 11, 2007

Pro-Life statistics

Well, I have been corresponding via email with an individual on the subject of abortion. It started with an email someone sent me asking for an opinion on the possible Presidental Candidate of '08, Barack Obama.

The email had a wide distribution to fellow parishioners and friends as well as many names I didn't recognize.

The original email outlined some allegations about Mr. Obama regarding his Muslim faith ties, (he claims presently to be Christian) as well his well documented stance on pro-abortion, gay marriage and pro-embryonic stem cell research.

This was my original response:

I for one, don't know if these allegations of his Muslim ties are true or not. Also, the titles of Democrat or Republican are not at the top of my reasoning of being for or against politicians.

What I am is Catholic and that is foremost to all. Mr. Obamas' opinions on the issues of pro-abortion, pro-gay marriages, and pro-embryonic stem cell research however, are true and that's all I need, as a Catholic to deny my vote or political support for Mr. all.


Someone on that distribution list (I will not name the individual) decided to respond to my email directly to me, as opposed to a general response to all on the distribution list. This would have allowed others to add their thoughts.

Well for the past few days, we've been going back and forth. This individual is pro-abortion and a teacher. It's been a courteous exchange, and the center of the friendly exchange has been around the number of abortions performed daily. I've heard the number 3,000 per day given (which is like a 911 event every day) in various articles and homilies, and by many intelligent people who have dedicated their carreers and lives to this cause.

So I'd like to ask for your prayers as I continue to provide the arguments for pro-life to this individual. For Jesus' Glory, not mine.

Here are some links and statistics which I've used in my email exchange:

This statistic is reported at the National Right to Life website ( )
Year Annual Number of Abortions

1973 744,600
1974 898,600
1975 1,034,200
1976 1,179,300
1977 1,316,700
1978 1,409,600
1979 1,497,700
1980 1,553,900
1981 1,577,300
1982 1,573,900
1983 1,575,000
1984 1,577,200
1985 1,588,600
1986 1,574,000
1987 1,559,100
1988 1,590,800
1989 1,566,900
1990 1,608,600
1991 1,556,500
1992 1,528,900
1993 1,500,000
1994 1,431,0000
1995 1,363,690
1996 1,365,730
1997 1,328,000
1998 1,328,000 Estimate
1999 1,328,000 Estimate
2000 1,328,000 Estimate
2001 1,328,000 Estimate

Total abortions from1973 to 1998 -- 38,010,378

(Based on numbers and estimates reported by the Alan Guttmacher Institute 1973-1996,with NRLCestimates of 1,365,730 for 1997 and 1998. AGI estimates a possible 3% underreporting rate,which is factored into the total.)

Source for statistics for 1973 through 1992: Stanley K. Henshaw, et al.,"Abortions Services in the United States, 1991 and 1992," Family Planning Perspectives, vol.26, no.3 (May/June 1994), p.101.

That last number for the year 2001 breaks down to around 3600 a day.

That's not counting the 3-6% not reported (which I believe is higher). Present day numbers usually lag behind a few years. Various reasons: Planned Parent Hood doesn't report very accurate answers. I've heard recordings of a person posing as an under age girl coming to the clinic for an abortion. The receptionist advises her to place false information on the paper work she is filling out to document the visit. I'll try and find that recording for you.

More verifiable info at this site:

2003-05 estimates listed at above link: 1,293,000 abortions.
Here's another website you can visit to verify the statistics:
Total abortions since 1973: 47,282,923 approx.

These figures are also reflected in various articles about the decline of European birth rate ( ) The decline is attributed to abortion and contraceptives. ( ). Europe is slowly killing it's self. The only increase in births is coming from the Muslim population.

This site offers some insight into this fact: ( ).
I can give you ton's more references if you like.

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