Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pope Francis! - Where Were You When it was Announced?

I tell you from the moment the white smoke went up until the curtain opened seemed so long. I really couldn't track the early balloting very well. I'm kind of restricted at work in my access to radios and internet, so when someone in the hall told me "White smoke was seen coming out of the Chapel Chimney", the timing seemed perfect. I was headed out the door to lunch!

That's right 12:00pm Pacific time. Now by the time I turned on the car radio the white smoke had happened well before my break, so I made a dash to the nearest Barnes and Noble (which is right down the block, walking distance) to long into their WI-Fi with my NOOK HD. I thought for sure I wouldn't make the moment the new pope would appear on the Balcony. Frustration was added when my NOOK couldn't connect as quickly as it normally would. I take my NOOK to work with me to do some reading and or view a few saved videos or audios during my lunch time.

"Great!" I thought. "I'm not going to share that moment with the folks in the Vatican audience." With the first morning votes taking place at 3:00am California time it seemed like a really big tease that the new pope would be selected within a time window of my lunch....AND I'M STILL GOING TO MISS IT!

Well finally the store provided connection was made and with my fast Puffin Browser I was able to log into EWTN. Hey where else are you going to go for truly faithful coverage....Not CNN or MSNBC that's for sure.

There I was with my purchased Mocha Frappuccino grande watching LIVE, with sunny 79degree weather from Manhattan Beach, Southern California. Now I'd really would have preferred to be at the Vatican, rain and all but this location is a close second.

So now I'm ticking down the minutes for the new Holy Father to come out and finally the lights go on in the chamber behind the curtains on the balcony.

Still the waiting goes on...this is getting nuts! Now I'm running out of lunch time and a meeting at 1:00pm to go to. It's now 12:30pm. So he gets announced and now it's time to start heading back. Wow, I've come this close and I'm going to miss it.

He's announced by his new name "POPE FRANCIS"....and still waiting.

Okay, maybe if I'm a little late to the 1pm meeting...but how late?

Okay wait...wait ...there he is!!!!

He's not smiling?

He has to be kind of helped to the balcony.

He seems a little overwhelmed...

He has his hand up but not in an actual wave....

And then he speaks.....I haven't the faintest idea what he's saying but the EWTN commentators are translating.

Then he does something I haven't seen before, he asked for the people to pray for him.
Wow, he is actually asking for our prayers. What humility.

And now something really special, its being announced that those in the Vatican audience AND those listening on the radio or viewing on TV or any other device...EVEN WITH MY NOOK HD will be able to gain a PLENARY INDULGENCE with his first papal blessing!

What a special moment. I thought for sure I'd be reading about this moment or watching a taped replay of this on Cable tonight when I got home from work.

But no, what a gift! It all worked out perfect. I got to witness the announcement of the new Pope Francis and got a plenary indulgence as well! I'm so happy.

I admit, I don't know much about Pope Francis, his background or what kind of priest and Cardinal he was/is.

But I'll be reading up on him and praying for him and his ability to lead the church.

What a day, so much to look forward to.

Let's see we have JPII, B16....somehow F1 doesn't sound right

How did you hear the news?

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