Thursday, March 07, 2013

Pre-Conclave and Vatican Rumors

It's no surprise that the media is enjoying taking swipes at Pope Benedict Emeritus. Articles in the New Yorker, the New York Times and various news agencies, Cable, TV self-described celebrities are out to make a name of themselves.

Ranting and raving with advise on how the new Pope has got to be one willing to change the church's teaching to conform with the modernism of today. They claim that the church is alienating it's own follows with it's teachings on Gay Marriage, Abortion and contraception, women priest and the regular gantlet of issues paraded out when they feel the need to re-create the Catholic Church in their own images.

I picture one image which coincides with Lent. The image of the devil tempting our Lord in the desert. Fame and fortune, praise and recognition, power and glory ..if only you do this or that. 

Sadly, even some Catholic blogs of those I admire and read regularly seem to be adding to the "rumors" of the pre-conclave. Oh the Cardinals are battling each other and this secrete report "may say this" or "hold this bomb shell of news"....even though no one but maybe Pope Benedict and the three constructors of the report have read.

All speculation and yes, rumors.

The Vatican has had to declare a news blackout of sort to clamp down on the pieces and tid-bits of "Cardinal so-and so said this or that" or "hinted of this and that".

Cartoonist are having a field day with their so called Art.

Yes, it's only natural to want to know the latest news to see who the contenders are. All fine and good, but the news tone that I've been reading is not this at all.

By all means, be apart of this great event. EWTN has some good coverage. Try to stay away from those dirt articles which are circulating won't find any truth there.

Remind ourselves that the HOLY SPIRIT is guiding this process and offer your prayers. This Lenten season in my opinion is a perfect time for this to happen. The sense of penance, self sacrifice and prayer, the Passion all culminating in the Easter Resurrection is a perfect setting of the strength of the church and it's over 2000 year history.

A new Pope will be elected and he will be lead our church into the future. the New Evangelization and the Year of Faith will continue through the year.

I'm excited, let's keep our focus on the positive. Yes, reform is needed but our new pope will tackle that in due time...or better, in God's time.

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