Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finally, Fr. Roderick Now being Recognized

I read this article in the Catholic World Report on Father Roderick, the Podcasting Priest. Now I've been listening to Fr. Roderick's SQPN Podcasting Website since the passing of Pope John Paul II.

He gave a vivid audio report that reminded me of some of the 1940-1950's radio presentations like "The Six Gun" or "Gun Smoke", "The Shadow" just to name a few. He added a very personal touch to this very historical event at the Vatican. Listening to his moment by moment report of the people around him as they stood outside the Papal apartment, praying together during the last moments of the holy pontiff made me feel like I was there.

He has now come "full circle" as the good Father puts it, as he recorded his sights and sounds of the election of Pope Francis. Since his start he has added a few more shows to his team of podcasters.One of my favorites is called 'The Break', almost a daily show which he uses to cover point of interest that attract Catholic, non-Catholic and even non-believers. He talks about his favorite movies, music, video games and adds a touch of Catholicism to invite evangelization.

Those of you with either SIRIUS or XM on your car radio who listen to the Radio Classics channel with Greg Bell will know what I mean. It's a way to exercise that not so used muscle called imagination. Fr. Roderick added a talk show entertainment aspect but makes it very personal.

Some of the other shows he sponsor with a team of hosts are 'Catholic Foodie, Catholic moments, The Secrets of Middle Earth just to name a few.

To some its an older type of media but it actually works. Again, its working that unused portion of our minds called imagination. When he describes the events around him whether its his bike ride down the cobble stone streets of his 500 year old town or the crowds outside the Vatican waiting for the white smoke to come out of the Sistine Chapel chimney, one can picture the sights and sounds in your head as if you were right there with him.

Anyway, go to his website and sample some of his shows. Download and load them on your iPad or Nook, Kindle or whatever device and listen to them on your drive home of between classes at college or whatever.

Give them a try, you'll be hooked!

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