Saturday, July 30, 2011

Coulter vs Ex-Father Albert

Late last week Ann Coulter was a guest on Ex-Catholic Priest Albert Cutie's TV show (why Fox allowed this to be a part of their network lineup, I don't know)

Ann in her 'in your face' way tries to explain why single motherhood is not the plan of Christ in bringing up children. Now single mothers do their best to raise children because the father for whatever reasons skip out on their duties. Or maybe a death of a husband as Mary had to raise Jesus. We don't know when Joseph was no longer a part of the family (died) but it definitely was not a divorce situation. No scholars support divorce.

God's intent is to have a father and mother raise their children, that is the best way. We should do everything possible to create marriages to be strong and lasting and most importantly mothers and father partners with God.

Now Coulter gets a whacking from the audience who comprise mostly of single mom's and that suits Cutie just fine. Instead of explaining the proper most successful way to raise a family (Note: this clip doesn't show the complete encounter) but he seems to want to blame the fathers (maybe rightfully so) for their abandonment of their families, though with an audience of mom's, he doesn't know the whole story. No way he's going to lecture the mom's... he's out numbered and let's face it, he's got Coulter on the ropes.

So Coulter's message of children from broken families have a disadvantage and many times end up creating broken families of their own or end up in a life of crime. Not all the time but statistics (as Ann tried to point out) show this. Albert Cutie decides to sidestep these facts and goes with the angry crowd.

Single moms have to deal with the circumstances that befall them, but maybe forming a true relationship before getting married will keep a family of father, mother, children and God strong and life lasting.

Is Albert Cutie really helping the single mom's in the audience or viewing on TV? Is he passing on a Godly message?


So here's the encounter... but then look at a real priest (Fr. Barron) with a true message about marriage and relationships.

No comparison

...and now the real truth

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