Sunday, July 10, 2011

Abortion is Okay Since a Possible Saint Had One..... NOT!

This is why I don't consider the CNN Religion Section anything but a joke.

You have so called scholars there that will try to undermine TRUE Catholic teachings. Their argument?

"If a Saint did it, hey abortion must be okay"

Wow, in my opinion, these scholars are educated beyond their intelligence.

CNN Religion Section is a place to avoid if you're looking for anything regarding honest true faith.

CNN: Can a Saint Have An Abortion?

Isn't it ironic that I find pretty much everything written at CNN's "Belief blog" unbelievable?

Steven Prothero, a Religion Professor at Boston University, in dealing with the question of possible sainthood for Dorothy Day wonders whether Catholics can abide a saint who's had an abortion.

Of course the answer is that last I checked most of the saints had a few sins. (Saint Augustine call your office) Prothero's question is similar to asking whether sinners can become saints. Duh.

Prothero finally says that Day can become a saint but comes at the answer from an odd perspective. He concludes that abortion's not really a big deal and Dorothy Day can become a saint because polling indicates the public is split over abortion. Because, you know, sainthood is decided by polling. 


Fr. Barron comments on the CNN Religion Section and I agree with his final words.

Prepare yourselves for battle. Know your faith, know their arguments, and most importantly know the faith true arguments.

Never stop educating yourselves in your faith.

Remember what Paul said, '...when I was a child I thought like a child. Now that I'm an adult I must think like an adult.'

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