Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bishop Chaput - Media Welcoming in Philly, Anti-Catholic

While Bishop Chaput's appointment to Philly is a very big gain for the Diocese there, the secular media doesn't see it that way.

They know the type of orthodox man the good Bishop's is and they are not afraid to say so.

Check out this press conference:

At Philly Church Presser, AP Shows Its Distaste for the Catholic Church

If anyone still has any doubt about the utter distaste that many in the media have for the Catholic Church, one does not need to look any further than the "question and answer" session during the press conference in Philadelphia today (Tue. 9/19/11) welcoming the region's new Archbishop Charles Chaput.
A woman from the Associated Press stood with a question for the new archbishop. (I am unable to confirm 100%, but I am almost certain the woman was Maryclaire Dale, who submitted this article about the event.) Paraphrasing her words, the AP woman essentially asked, "If you are all about justice and compassion, as you've said in the past, then why did you oppose a proposed law in Colorado lifting the statute of limitations for abuse claims?" (Before arriving as the new archbishop of Philadelphia today, Abp. Chaput was Archbishop of Denver since 1997.)


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