Saturday, November 06, 2010

Color Nook...Hmmmm, Maybe?

I'm still deciding on getting a reading device.The iPad which has the features that I like, but is very costly and the low cost Kindle and Nook are missing many of the features.

The iPad has all the reading features that I want and with the back lighting, it's ideal anywhere. I like the Wi-Fi browsing and the movies I can watch on them. Apps galore also enhance it's appeal. The price is a major downer for me. I just can't justify purchasing one if I have to walk out of the store over $800.00 lighter in my wallet. Especially in these hard times.

The Kindle and Nook where in a justifiable price range but a drawback I couldn't get over was that you can't read in the dark. You can buy a separate lamp but my experience with book lamps is that they never light up the area you want and are very weak. That on top of no movies, black and white web browsing just didn't cut it.

So I put the thought on the shelf ... until

The new COLOR Nook!
Hey not much more in price from the black and white version (249.00 Color, 149.00 BW). It runs on the Android 1.0 and next year a free update to the Android 2.0 will let you play on line movies. Cool!
Just might put me in the buying mode. A nice Christmas present for the wife who likes to read about as much as I do and loves to watch movies.

Check it out.
Barnes and Noble has released a potential giant killer. It’s a new color version of their Nook e-book reader, but it has features which put’s Kindle to shame, and even has some features not available on Apple’s iPad. It’s an outstanding bargain at only $249.

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