Sunday, November 21, 2010

B16 New Book 'Light of the World'and Condoms

The media is a buzz over comments Pope Benedict made in his book (an interview).

Now the media and those who favor the wide spread use of condoms are putting their spin on what the Holy Father said. They even are joking that "...I guess the Vatican will be putting out a.'Position Paper' to explain (correct) what the Pope said. I heard that one on Fox News of all places.

So what are we to think as Catholics? American Papist points to Dr. Janet Smith for an explanation to these leaked excerpts.

Leaked excerpts from not yet released books seems to be the going thing today (Palin is going through the same thing). A way to put a spin on books and writings before anyone can judge for themselves , maybe even introducing a bias instead of allowing an honest read.

Summary: No the Holy Father isn't changing the teachings of the Catholic Church.

This week, Light of the World, a book-length interview given by Pope Benedict XVI to journalist Peter Seewald, will be released worldwide. Several of the Holy Father's statements have already started making news, particularly his comments regarding condom usage in the prevention of the spread of HIV.

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