Friday, September 03, 2010

U.S. Open Brawl

Perhaps you've seen this video of the brawl at the U.S. open.

Maybe this has happened to you, it has for me. Apparently 2 older individuals took the foul language of another individual at the event. Most would just try to put up with the foul mouthed individual. Why do we have to put up with their language? Because we don't want to make a scene? Don't want to escalate the matter? The other individual is BIGGER than us perhaps.

Whatever the case I've noticed that this type of behavior is getting worse. The cussing the swearing from ever increasing younger people. If you happen to mention to them if they can keep their language in check, they become quite belligerent, "hey it's my right! If I want to cuss a stream of obscenities at God or you or anyone else, that's my right!"

That's usually how it happens.

I think what is most upsetting in the video is the reaction of the commentator. He is sticking up for the belligerent foul mouthed individual (to be fair it was the elder man who was belligerent and escalated the confrontation). The commentator is incorrect to say that the elderly man started it. He didn't, it was the cussing swearing man.

However, the commentator is sticking up for the younger individual. Hey it's his right to cuss, swear. Maybe the 2 older individuals should have called security to tell of their concern first

I don't know, there are no winners, here.

What do you think?

Grand Slam Wham Bam! - Video


  1. Anonymous9:43 PM

    You missed the part where the woman slapped the young guy. That was before the old guy attacked him. The kid is an ass but the physical altercation was the couples doing. I don't like a$$holes either but I can't just smack a guy and expect not to go to jail.

  2. You are correct..which is why I agree that they all got thrown out.
    I'm just pointing out that I've noticed a rise in disrespect.