Thursday, September 23, 2010

Richard Dawkins and the Pope

Richard's dribble.....
Hear, oh people, the Voice of Reason, Science, Logic, Truth, Enlightenment, Buttercups and Sunsets:
Benedict's predecessor, John Paul II, was respected by some as a saintly man. But nobody could call Benedict XVI saintly and keep a straight face. Whatever this leering old fixer may be, he is not saintly. Is he intellectual? Scholarly? That is often claimed, although it is far from clear what there is in theology to be scholarly about. Surely nothing to respect. ...MORE

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  1. Tom McFeely10:45 AM

    You know, I think we might make the publication of Prof. Dawkins's comments an occasion to pray very fervently indeed for the salvation of his soul. Often the good professor seeks to mask his profound animus for all people of faith within soothing rhetoric intended to suggest he's not enraged by anyone with the temerity to oppose his atheist case.

    The mask is off here, by contrast. And it's not a pretty sight.

    I'm not saying this to mock him. And as for what body of unrepented sin might or might not contribute to the virulent hatred he harbours for believers in general and the Pope in particular, only God can say. But whatever motivates it, it's ruinous to his spiritual welfare.

    Consequently he merits the prayers of all people of good faith -- although the mere suggestion of such prayers will surely serve to make him angrier yet, assuming that's even possible.

    On another topic, what does it say about The Gaurdian, in terms of its willingness to serve as the publishing agent of this embarrassing screed? I should have thought the editors over there would have been able to realize that Dawkins's piece is so far over the top that any publication imprudent enough to publish it exposes itself to ridicule as well.

    Indeed one could almost suggest The Guardian actually intended to undermine the atheist case by publishing the screed, but I'm sure that's not the case. Probably it was published because the editors of The Guardian, just like Dawkins himself, are so immersed in the anti-religious mentality that pervades Britain's elites these days that they couldn't see they were about to make public fools of themselves. If so I guess we should pray for them too, shouldn't we?