Friday, September 03, 2010

Right Direction? ....Are you Kidding Me?

Just heard the President on TV this morning telling us that 'We're headed in the right direction.'

Are you kidding me? Job growth of 67k private jobs....... 283, 000 jobs lost for the summer.

Unemployment 9.6%, GDP 1.WHATEVER %.'s just taking a little longer than we expected. We are investing not in the upcoming elections but in the generations to come....namely DEBT!


...and oh, if you need him, he'll be at Camp know the official Presidential Retreat.
Didn't he just get back from vacation? You might say he needs to get away to put together what he's going to say at next friday's speech. Well I thought that was what the Oval Office was used for.

Sounding too negative I'm I? You're probably correct. I just hate when someone tells me the exact opposite to what is quit evident and plan as the nose on my face.


Anyways... a few articles to go along with the java and Pepto.

67K Jobs - WSJ

9.6% Jobless - Foxnews
Glass One-Quarter Full Job Spin - NewsBusters (w/ video)

Obama calls for Improving Small Business - CNN

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