Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hot Afternoon at Barnes and Noble

Spent the hot day yesterday with a stack of books over at Barnes and Noble. Nice and cool with a Frappacino and I was set.

I wish they would turn the music down a few notches.

I usually have a fair mix books, political, religious, fiction, non-fiction. Here what I read.

Political: The Blueprint: Obama's plan to Subvert the Constitution and build an Imperial Presidency by Kenneth Klukowski and Kenneth Blackwell
This book was a little different from the rest of the Obama books out there. There are two authors, one is a Constitutional (Ken Klukowski) the other a Professor and Journalist (Ken Blackwell). I liked he book  because it went beyond the rhetoric and talking point to explore the legality of President Obama's actions. I recommend it.

Religious: How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization by Thomas Woods Jr. PhD
I picked up this book because my Son and I were talking about a history class he is taking in College. The professor is very bias against the Catholic Church and is using the Galileo incident to show how the Catholic Church is against science, which is beyond bogus. He is also a proponent of the 'Dark Ages'. This book addresses those areas of history and sheds light on what most modern day scholars see as this thousand year period being one of darkness but one with my discoveries in agriculture, literacy, metallurgy, the creation of universities, yes even astronomy and science. This is one for the personal library.

Fiction: Lost Empire: a Fargo Adventure by Clive Cussler and Grant Blackwood
I don't read fiction as much as I use to but on occasion I like a good yarn. Clive Cussler fills that fiction sweet tooth. His books have a sense adventure with a mix of history. Usually a fast read with good tale to keep your interest.

Non-Fiction: War by Sebastian Junger
This is truly amazing insight into the Afgan War, it's terror and adrenaline, it's sadness and sorrow and every emotion in between. This is the story told by the film Restepo (see my post) but goes further to complete the brief film footage of actual combat.

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