Monday, June 28, 2010

VP- Smartass Remark?

"Lower our taxes..."

Why is this being reported as a 'smart-ass' remark? The VP decided to use this owners place of business as a photo opportunity and rather than just nod and give out free ice cream he wanted to express his views to the VP.

So what's wrong with that? Why didn't Mr. VP give him an answer? Why does the Main Stream Media (MMM) have to demonize the ice cream shop owner? Because he didn't allow the VP to use him?

Could it be that the MMM
is not on the side of the people? That's becoming more and more evident. This ice cream shop owner is just another in a long line of regular, everyday people getting slammed by the press for not fully agreeing with this disastrous administration, starting with Joe the Plummer.

What a snake in the grass he is. How dare he voice his thoughts to the VP...give me a break.

The press is definitely not on the side of the people. They can't even just report the news. They have to SHAPE the news to. And what's worse is that many will swallow it whole.

Hang in there ice cream shop owner. Don't apologize for doing something we all want to do. Voice our frustration on this administrations deftness.

Biden Calls Custard Shop Manager a 'Smartass' After Taxes Comment
Vice President Biden called the manager of a custard shop outside of Milwaukee, Wis., a "smartass" after the man asked him to lower taxes. Biden made the comment Friday after the Kopp’s Frozen Custard shop manager told him that his dessert would be on the house if he lowered taxes. "What do we owe you?" Biden is heard saying in footage captured by WISN-TV.

This guy (VP) is so out of touch....

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