Saturday, June 19, 2010

Give Me the Money!

There are many people, families, businesses affected by the oil spill in the Gulf. And I'm sure there are plenty of more victims to come as long as the oil flows. Even if it's stopped the damage will continue to happen.

They all need to be compensated for their loses and in good time.

Having acknowledging that I remember Katrina as should everyone, and the amount of dollars, rightfully poured into that region.

I also remember the headlines of fraud, millions of dollars spent and nothing to show for it. It still goes on today.

It seems nobody wants to talk about that for fear of being called insensitive, unsympathetic.

This article seems to smack of that sentiment.

"Claimers are being turned away" the message seems to be saying. Why, because they don't have the proper paperwork. While many can empathize with that, having stood in long lines at lets say the DMV or Social Security Office only to be told at the front of the line, "we can't help you because you don't have the proper paperwork together. It could be a driver's license or birth certificate or electric/gas bill to prove residents or ID.

While this can be frustrating one comes to realize that the proper paperwork is needed. We just want to be told before we stand in line what's actually needed.

I believe that is the case with Oil Claims. It's not that they are just turned away by BP. It's one of those government red tape things just like the DMV or Social Security Office.

Instead of the further demonizing of BP, some justified some not, that the administration should be recognized as part of the problem.

Katrina is still going on and this oil spill will be with us for a long time. I hope all who deserve to compensated get compensated in quick time. I hope the fraud is at a minimum.

BP Oil Spill
Millions of dollars worth of claims have been filed by businesses and people who've lost their livelihoods because of the BP oil spill, but 60 days into the crisis, lawmakers say the company has paid only 12 percent of them.

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