Wednesday, September 09, 2009

WCC: 9-9-09 Posts

Obama's, two strikes, last inning speech is the talk of the town. Lot's to read out there.

Hard to believe that the President is going to change every ones mind on the health care bill with one magical speech, but the MSM is hyping hoping to cash in on the viewership.

Thought I'd same thoughts until after the dust has settled and offer up some article as the witching hour approaches.

Whether you watch the speech, hear the speech or plan on poping in a DVD tonight, we should at least offer up a prayer for our nation.

... may we follow on the path the Our Lord intends us to follow for his glory and in his name we pray. AMEN.

Will We March with the Death Cult - Cretive Minority Report

Barack Ozymandias - American Thinker

The Audacity of Refusing to Be Stampeded Into Obamacare - American Spectator

Senate Minority Leader on the President's Address to Congress - Human Events

Boehner: GOP leaders haven't net Obama for health talks since April - The Hill

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