Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Health Care - 'Political' Right Not a "Natural' Right

Bishop Nickless of Iowa give a lesson on "Prudental Judgment' on the health care issue.

Does God Favor an Unlimited State?

As a prudential judgment, the Bishop said Catholicism does "not teach that government should directly provide health care." Unlike national defense, for which "government monopolization is objectively good" because it limits violence and deters abusive private armies," health care should "not be subject to federal monopolization." The bishop cited preservation of "patient choice" through a "flourishing private sector" as the "only way to prevent a health care monopoly from denying care arbitrarily." He warned that a "government monopoly would not be motivated by profit" but would be motivated by "bureaucratic" quotas and self-defined "best procedures" over which most citizens would have little influence. Government should properly regulate the private sector "to foster healthy competition and to curtail abuses," Nickless wrote. But "any legislation that undermines the viability of the private sector is suspect," he said. And special protections are needed for private, religious hospitals that "most vigorously [are] offering actual health care to the poorest of the poor."

Thanks bishop, I wish our priest would give us a Sunday lesson this 'prudential judgement'.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Meddling in the private sector would also undermine the profits of "not-for-profit", Catholic run health systems.