Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Great Speech... again

First impressions:

The beginning and the end were inspirational in content. Obama is known for his flowery rhetoric. Not much in meat but heavy on the sugar.

As far as everything in between, well lets say we've heard it all before. He stated that the bickering games are over, then he went on to call congress members, cable and talk show host liers.

He calmed that the 'do nothing' crowd must join the team. "My door is always open" was the line. Yet, conservatives have been trying to meet with his for month only to be ignored.

Obama claimed he was going to change health care without adding a cent to the deficit. He would pay for it by cutting waste. How do you do that.

Finally, he said that abortion would not be paid for with government money, but over 8 times proposed language was put forth to specifically say that, only to be rejected along party lines.

What did I get out of the 50 minute speech?

That the course is the same. He will try to ram the bill through before the end to the year. Whether by reconciliation vote, or what ever means.

...he will ram it through no matter what.

For me there was nothing new of substance. Just the same old speech.... again.

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