Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where are all the Catholics in the U.S.?

AmP points to an article at The Boston Globe web site, which sports a map of the States the and their population by religion.

The geographic concentration of Mormons in and around Utah reflects the cross-country migration of that group in the mid-1800s from Illinois and other Eastern states to their new home. The fact that certain states like Oregon and Vermont consist disproportionately of residents with no religious identity is more difficult to explain, with hypotheses focusing on the particular and idiosyncratic cultures of those states and/or the migration of certain types of Americans to those states over the decades."

I find it interesting that the most Catholic populus states like New York, Mass. have a high Obama support group, so does California for that matter.

One would think abortion would be a factor in these States and indeed it is. Just not in the direction one would expect from a large Catholic concentration.

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