Monday, August 10, 2009

Lifes Ups and Downs...

Most of us are in the middle of some sort of crisis. It could be job related, health, relationships, emotional, a number of reasons.

It's easy to slip into that state of frustration that can lead us to a very dark place.

That advise to "keep your chin up!" or "look on the bright side" just what's to make one cringe.

I find that sometimes a need a little time out. Time to step back and take a macro look at things rather than a micro look at things. To see things in the big picture. It's at those times I have a sense of how blessed I really have it. That things are not a bad as they could be.

And one thing I do notice is that God always gives me just enough to get through the rough spots of my life. Things may not always turn out with my plans or my schedule in place, but God always see's me through.

My faith in God is everything...

I read this next article and it kind of made me see things a little clearer.

I hope it serves you well.

The Better Portion In A Confused Life

Life is a funny thing, always pitching things at you, and with lots of curves. Few of us get to predict in any detail how our lives will unfold, though anyone reading this has the opportunity to determine what his life’s ultimate end will be. After all, in the final analysis it is our union with Christ that matters. But I’ll still say it again: Life is a funny thing.

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