Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Love History!

One of my prime passions is reading history. As my kids were growing through their school years they would cringe at dear old Dad reading their school history books.

Now a days I peruse the local Barns and Noble (Borders too) for the latest non-fiction, history books on my weekends off.

I usually read a few chapters trying to find out what leanings the historian or writer (I say this because my journalist are now entering the historian genre and are not historians per se). I often note the writers name and do a google search to find out their backgrounds. I like to know where they're coming from before I purchase their books.

I'm voraciously reading Church History at present. One book author I'm looking into is Tom Holland. His new book 'The Forge of Christendom' looks very interesting.

If anyone out there knows anything about Mr. Holland's background, please let me know where I can find any information, bio's ect... on him.

Here's a blog that was mentioned on the Catholic American web site. McNamara's Blog musings of a church historian from Queens, New York.

Check it out...

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