Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Listening to Rush Is A Sin?

This is rather a humorous post.

This one is based on a self-proclaimed catholic blogger from the Washington Post.

First he lays his credentials out, you know, went to Catholic schools, children attend Catholic Colleges....
... then he lays into his analysis of sinful listening to Rush Limbaugh. And it may even be a real sin if one agrees with him.
The first question I asked myself was "why Rush? why not some other radio host who may have a more sinful agenda other than talk about the issue of politics or current events?
...Mmmm, why not someone like, oh let's say just to throw a name out, like Howard Stern.
Now I never listen to Howard Stern or anyone of that radio genre, but again I ask out loud, why Rush Limbaugh.
Could I smell an intent to 'demonize' someone you disagree with politically?
After all if you don't agree with him just turn the radio dial. I mean I choose not to listen to Howard. I just don't tune in.
What I find offensive with the article on the Washington Post is that he use's the Catholic faith to try and appeal to weak Catholics to avoid listening to opposing political views.
I do listen to Rush occasionally. I don't agree with everything he says and yes I agree with some of his political view.
Is that a sin?
According to the catholic blogger at the Washington Post it is.
I can thinks of more important vises to avoid... like maybe the 9th Commandment: bearing false witness against thy neighbor.

Anthony Stevens-Arroyo-- who for obscure reasons is employed by the Washington Post as a regular Catholic contributor to an "On Faith" blog-- asks the question:

He concludes, generously, that it is not necessarily sinful to listen to Limbaugh; it's only sinful to agree with him. Along the way, Stevens-Arroyo says that Rush Limbaugh is a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, and a liar. (In passing he also refers to former Vice President Cheney is "torturer-in-chief" and to opponents of Obamacare as "right-wing nuts.") The trouble with Rush Limbaugh, this intrepid blogger tells us, is that he "engages in ridicule of persons and principles he dislikes and in exaggeration of what he likes." Oh, and you don't, Anthony

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