Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vatican ambasador...not Kennedy..or Kmiec

Looks like the Obama administration is not getting the message.

So, let's spell it out one more time...

“The Holy See has always set a very simple standard: the person should not be in opposition to fundamental teachings of the Church that belong to our common shared humanity. He or she may not believe in Catholic dogma if he or she is not a Catholic, but we could not accept someone who is in favor of abortion, or (human) cloning or same-sex unions equated to marriage,” the official said.(CNA)

With the forth coming honorary Notre Dame law degree and numerous accolades praising the extraordinary brilliance of President Obama, I'm kind of baffled at the selection process for this position of ambassador to the Vatican.

Is Mr. Obama trying to make a statement? Maybe that he is against the Catholic teachings of abortion and embryonic stem cell research to name a couple?

Mr. Obama, no need to make such a statement. We are well aware where you stand on these issues.

I can't imagine that he just doesn't get it. So just what is the point of 3 strikes in a row, the latest being Caroline Kennedy (Pro-Choice advocate)?

Hmm... any thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Kmiec is prolife in absolute terms. His only break with most conservative catholics is his belief that electing Obama results in fewer abortions than electing McCain. I logically can find no excuse to object to his selection as ambassador to the Vatican.