Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Satan..just a Metaphor

I think this article on 'Creative Minority Report hits the nail on the head.

Help! I'm Possessed by a Metaphor!

It seems that about 60 percent of "Christians" at least somewhat agree that Satan is not a real entity but simply a metaphor for evil. But while holding that view, 65% also believe that people can be influenced by demons or evil spirits.

I'm not sure how these two things are possible. If they're a symbol how can they affect you?

And get this, about 40% of Christians believe that Jesus might have sinned while on Earth. Uh...So let me get this straight. According to polled Christians, a very real Jesus might have been influenced by pretend demons and committed very real sins?

All I can say to many Christians, is get thee to Catechism.

Everyone.... let's open up our Catechisms and do a little reading tonight. In fact let's all make a Pentecost resolution this Spring and re-educate ourselves in in faith.

A paragraph a night is all we are asking.....

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