Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Roman Catholics for Obama?

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver trys to set the record straight with Catholic Obama voters who use his words to prop up their support for "the Elite One".

Arhcbishop Cahllenges 'Roman Catholics for Obama'

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver chided a group called Roman Catholics for Obama ’08 for quoting him out of context on voting for a pro-abortion candidate.

In a May 19 column on the website of the Archdiocese of Denver, Archbishop Chaput clarified his position and challenged members to lobby for pro-life issues in the Democratic Party.

The controversy began after excerpts from an earlier column were posted on the website as a possible solution to the “voting dilemma” of supporting Obama, whose “position on abortion is in conflict with the vision of the Church.”

The group quoted Archbishop Chaput saying, “Catholics can vote for pro-choice candidates if they vote for them despite — not because of — their pro-choice views.”

I guess you can twist anything to agree with your viewpiont.... NOT!

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