Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rev. Pfleger 'I double-dog-dare-you Vatican'

So, this is not an exact quote from Fr. Pleger but his 'you just wait' until mass on Sunday attitude smells of a double-dare-you, if you ask me.

I sure hope I'm wrong and Fr. Pfleger will not use the Sunday mass to vent.

"I'm good. I'll speak Sunday and give my talk then," Pfleger said as he sifted through a desk full of papers. "I'm grateful to be back and to do what I'm called to do. I'm grateful to the cardinal for letting me back.

"When asked if he was the same "Michael Pfleger" as before, he said: "I'm me. I'm not changing. This is how I've been since I've been born. I'm not changing." MORE

Okay, just remember your priestly obligations first.

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