Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The "A" Word

It seems to me that every time (... alright most times) I mention the "A" word while discussing the Presidential election issues, I get an answer like, "That's the least of our problems today!" or "Oh, your not one of those overly- religious folks, are you?"

Or, more than often they try to tie it to another issue, so as to negate the "A" word.
"With all those deaths that Americans are causing in Iraq, how could you even bring that up?".... as if the deaths of these little ones is nothing to be concerned about.

We can and will go into these responses later, however I did want to pass on this article I read this morning that brought forward how ridicules these kind of reactions are.

It's the story of Tiny Tim:

It was a relatively calm day in my hospital’s NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Two other nurses and I were trying to have a conversation amid the customary sound of ventilators and heart monitors.

I was in midsentence when the shrill ring of the red emergency phone halted all conversation.

“Come fast, “ the voice said urgently. “We need a neonatal nurse stat!”

Fear gripped my heart as I ran into the delivery room.

Instantly, I knew the situation was critical.

“What’s happening here.” I asked.

“It’s an ‘OOPS abortion,’ and now it’s your problem!” responded one the nurses. For us, an “OOPS abortion” meant the mother’s due date was miscalculated, and the fetus survived the abortion procedure.

A pediatrician was called to the scene. He ran by me with the fetus (now called a baby) in his hand and yelled in my direction, indicating he wanted me to follow him into the resuscitation room adjoining the delivery room.

I looked into the bed of the warmer as I grabbed equipment. Before my eyes was a baby boy. A very, very tiny baby boy. The doctor and I immediately made an attempt at intubation (inserting a tube down the trachea from the mouth or nose of the infant to the top of the lungs to ventilate, expand and oxygenate them). The doctor’s effort at intubation failed, which further traumatized the baby. I glanced at the doctor and hesitantly asked, “Will you attempt intubation again?”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” he replied. “It would be inhumane to attempt to intubate this poor little thing again. This infant will never survive.”

“No, Doctor, I’m not kidding,” I said, “and it’s my job to ask.”

The doctor softened for a moment. “I’m sorry, Sharon. I’m just angry. The mother doesn’t want the inconvenience of a baby, so she comes to the hospital so she can pay somebody to get rid of it - all neat and tidy. Then the whole thing gets messed up when the fetus has the audacity to survive.


The "A" word is obviously Abortion. It disturbs me that the catholics I work with don't really seem to think this is an election issue. They seem more concerned about filling their SUV. Which of coarse is an important issue.

Some even have the Audacity to say Mr. Obama is actually pro-life.

.... What?

Here's another article on Roman Catholics for Obama


The United States Congress has also learned about this grisly reality, and finally, in 2002, passed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, requiring that babies like Tiny Tim who survive abortions receive medical care from the medical professionals in their midst—medical professionals who suddenly must morph from killers to their traditional roles of healers and helpers.

The bill was so obviously necessary and became so popular that it faced no real opposition, even from the most fanatical of Congress’ pro-abortion extremists, including Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Ted Kennedy. Even NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League, supported the legislation.

Indeed, who could ever oppose such legislation? Actually, there is someone: Barack Obama, who appears as of May to be the frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, and possibly the next president of the United States.

Obviously more to follow....

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