Friday, July 29, 2016

Devout Catholic VP's?

Seems that both the Republican and Democrat Presidential teams have chosen a Catholic for their VP slots. This is not by accident.

Both parties are trying to capture the wandering Catholic vote by selecting party described devout Catholics.

The problem for Catholics is that most in the pew don't understand what it is to be a devout Catholic so any definition put forth by the media, politicians and yes, even fellow Catholics who dont
 have a clue, define it in terms that try to persuade fellow parishioners to vote for whatever political bumper sticker candidate they endorse for the presidency.

Wrong approach. First, put aside the political party affiliations and  know your Catholic faith. Know/learn what the Catholic teachings really are. Then selection of a candidate is based on the truths of your faith and not the empty lies put out every day.

Go to confession regularly, Mass at least EVERY Sunday.

Read scripture daily..

Read your Catechism (the Catholic one), listen to some good talks and video's from Catholic speakers solid in the faith.


Mathew Kelly is good

Fr Mike, is one of my favorites

Taylor Marshall, a must:

Bishop Barron, absolutely!

Fr. Spitzer, lots on the existence of God and the Universe

Trent Horn of Catholic Answer and lots of materials:

What to read?
these are some of my favorite sites

Lots of articles :

Angelus Catholic News:

The Catholic Thing: more articles

Crisis Magazine:

Catholic news

I've got lots more resources, but this will do for now.

A couple of articles on the VP elects:

Tim Kaine’s bishop releases statement on ‘Catholics in Public Office - See more at:
Statement by Tom Kaines Bishop on Catholics in Public Office:

Mike Pence Spiritual wanderings:

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