Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Book to add to my Library - Bearing False Witness

Always book marking links to books I come across that I'd like to read/buy. I have a bookmark tab intitled "Books to Read" that I keep them in.
This one looks like an addition to my library.

I tend to use this phrase "bearing false witness" in some sense when clarifying a falsehood about the Catholic Church.

Mary, praying to the saints...many more. After I've clarified the true churches teaching on the matter, I ask, "now that you know what the Catholic Church really teaches on this topic, you're going to share with those that express an incorrect view on this topic. the real teaches as I've expressed to you,  right?"

Sometimes I have to spend a little more time answering their questions. I never let them wander to other topics until I get confirmation that we're covered the topic thoroughly.

Sometimes, they insist that their version is the correct one "yes, you Catholic do pray to Mary!".
We'll go around the block a little longer, but when I sense they are not going to acknowledge my clarification, I thank them for allowing me to discuss and let them know if they have other questions about the Catholic faith they can ask me anytime.

Many times do come back with more questions and we continue the conversations, other times they don't. I try to keep the door open to other discussions on topic other then faith. As they get more comfortable with our friendship, they will usually ask more about the Catholic faith.


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