Friday, August 12, 2016

Stay Alert: Threat at Sunday Mass

Interesting article.
You've heard about the terrible story of the beheading of a Catholic Priest in France. Now more recently a story from our own backyard.

In Riverside, California, the harassment of parishioners at Sunday Mass by individuals in a car shouting “Allahu Akbar!”. They didn't enter the Church but this is a boldness that we haven't seen here in the States before.

It's not sure who these idiots were but it raises the question, "Should we (Catholics) be concerned? Should we be  doing something to prepare for an event related to those in France or at least an interruption of Mass with these type of individual.

It's a shame that this would have to be on our minds when we really should be concentrating on the mystery of the mass, but with our loved ones right next to us in the pew, it's hard not to think of their safety.

Definitely at least some discussion at the parish office level should take place. Not to over react but not to react at all would be unwise.

What do you think?

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