Friday, April 05, 2013

Morning After Pill ...Available for Every Girl 16yrs or Younger!

Today we hear a Federal Judge declare it's legal to sell the Morning After Pill, also known as the Plan B-One Step pill be made available over the counter for every girl 16 years of age or younger, without parental or physician consent.

I just heard a debate between two proponents of this on Fox News with Megan Kelly. Maybe I'll post it later if I can.The arguments were voiced as "hey kids are having sex, thats a reality and this will help them out of a situation (pregnancy) they don't want."

So I'm I to believe that this will prevent teen age pregnancy? The way I look at it this encourages promiscuity not prevent it.

We need to teach our kids, pray with our kids, talk with our kids. We need to keep track of our kids, look at their Facebook pages, see what they are tweeting. We need to guide them, that's what parents do.

So much of society has an attitude that the parents are not allowing their kids to grow by putting "too many rules" or not allowing them to make mistakes on their own. 

We can't be afraid to be parents!

Check this article out.and let me know what you think.

Federal judge rules morning -after pill must be available to all women

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