Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lost...The Right to Raise the Moral Argument

Yes, if one attempts to argue against, oh lets say Abortion or Gay Marriage, or smoking pot or any issue for that matter affecting our culture today, eventually during the discussion one is faced with more than not the accusation that "you're wrong because your judging, you're a bigot, you're imposing your beliefs on me!"

...and that's where the discussion ends. If it does continue one is faced with defending that you're not all those bad things that you've been accused of and,well the argument goes off track.

With the Devil....yes I said the 'D' word and I'll throw in Satan, making major points in the world convincing many that there IS NO SATAN and there IS NO SIN, it's hard to get past the "everyone is their own guide to what is right and what is wrong".

I've been reading a lot on material of late which centers on how to augment my points against the subjects above not only from Catholic teaching, but from a secular point of view and I wanted to pass one of them on.

Gay Marriage is one subject that is gaining acceptance, especially among the youth, so it's very important first to know where the (Catholic) Church stands and how to explain it, but also augment one's points with the other half of 'Faith and Reason'.

Here's a paper on the 'Reason' portion of the stand against Gay Marriage.I find it very helpful.


SHERIF GIRGIS, ROBERT P. GEORGE, and RYAN T. ANDERSON are the authors, all scholars.They provide the other book end on the subject, Faith and Reason.

Fr. Barron has a say on the subject of the Moral Argument

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