Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bill O'Reilly Sticks by His "Bible Thumping"

So most have already heard the out cry mostly from the Left, of Bill O'Reilly's comment of "Bible Thumpers..." to describe opponents of gay marriage.

Now, I understand Mr. O'Reilly's point of not arguing points from the bible with those that don't take the worth of the bible for the paper it's printed on, namely non-believers.

I'm just not use to those that claim to be believers, using that rhetoric against their own. It's not right for non-believer to use that rhetoric during a legit debate so why does Bill defend it. "...because it's a truthful description.." is his claim.

Well golly gee willikers, that makes sense. Ya-right.

Okay so for the past two days I've plugged in to Mr.O'Reilly just to see where he would take this and I'm not surprised to see that once Laura Ingram didn't play nice and nod her head in full agreement with him, that he would have to bring in additional guests that would rally to his side of the argument.

 Bill O'Reilly may hold his own on all things political and while I agree on many of his points (not all) regarding government policy I find his claims of knowledge concerning religion, specifically Catholicism very lacking. Now just to set the record straight, I'm not saying he's not Catholic enough for me, no that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that his knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic faith seem to be very thin. His constant description of the bible as "Allegorical" lead me to believe that he thinks all the bible is allegorical, which is not catholic teaching at all or at least not fully. (SEE CCC 114, The Senses of Scripture)

Anyway, he's sticking to his guns, right or wrong which is Bill's trade mark.While he uses the term "Humble correspondant" it always leaves me with a chuckle, almost like a comedians punch line.

I've seen Laura, a new convert to the Catholic faith and Bill born and raise Catholic go at it a few times on points of religion whether it be marriage or homosexuality or abortion and I kind of think it's true what they say.

New converts seem to have a better appreciation for their faith.

As far as this argument goes (Gay Marriage) I found this article (On Gay Marriage think Natural Law) that spells out my thoughts. Yes Bill we need to approach proponents of gay marriage with a better argument and that would be "Natural Law". That is universal regardless of faith.

Here's a great book to start your study on Natural Law and it's very inexpensive. I've down loaded it to my NOOK.
50 Questions on the Natural Law: What It Is and why We Need It

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