Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cristero War - Religious Freedom War in Mexico

This untold story of the 1920's Religious Freedom War, "The Cristero War" which was deleted from history books and not learned in Mexican public schools.

If you were Catholic at this time in Mexico you were persecuted and killed. While this war was in the 1920's the persecution of the Catholic Church lasted a lot longer. Some say the persecution of the Catholic Church still goes on in Mexico.

The scary part is while the persecution of Catholics isn't so blatantly violent here in the U.S.  it is undeniably here. Celebrities, News Papers, reports and even now in the HHS Mandate of the the Obama administration.

Catholic and non-Catholics need to be aware of this. This persecution if accepted will grow to any group that opposes those in power.

Here's the Wikipedia page on it: Persecution of Christians in Mexico  

Checkout this news clip and trailer

NBC's Today Interviews Mexican Actor Who Stars in Religious-Liberty Film 'For Greater Glory'  

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