Friday, March 30, 2012

Candid Interview With Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan has a great interview and talks about the HHS issue. He is not fooled by the aggressive actions of the present Obama Administration. He offered some trust in President Obama's words to"work things out".

Some say he was mislead by the President, he says this himself. He's very candid about this. I don't think he will be fooled again. He realizes this is a battle that must be fought by all Catholics.

He emphasizes the fact that this is not an issue of contraception but of RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. So if you're confronted on this subject, don't let the conversation straw man it's way into that trap.

If someone wants to talk about contraception and the Churches teachings on it, hey any day, any time.
But if the argument is the HHS issue is specifically about this, no it's not.

I don't care how many Catholics are not following the Churches teaching on this subject. Majority does not rule, if indeed it is a majority. The Churches teaching are correct and the Truth no matter what percentage agree with it or not.

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