Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Romney and the Catholic Vote

It's not that I haven't thought about how to reconcile my disapproval of Romney and move beyond my primary choice of Santorum.. I just can't seem to get over that feeling of major compromise. I hate to admit it but I've even thought about the "what would it matter if I didn't vote this election" if Romney was the candidate.

Now I don't think I could real get myself to NOT vote, but just the fact that I've contemplated this has me a bit baffled. Is Romney really all that bad of a person. No not at all, I'm sure he is a fine person and he seems to have a wonderful family.

Maybe its the sense of his 'call me mister inevitable'. Maybe it's the amount of money he is spending to drown out his opponents. Is it his fault that he has so munch campaign money. No not really, its just his, I don't know for lack of a better word, phoniness and inconsistencies.    
I can't seem to get over what he did to the Catholic institutions in Massachusetts, his support of Global warming, his flip-flops on abortion.

I honestly think the Left is going to have a field day with him as the Candidate.

So am I alone in my own thought. Well according to the ongoing primaries it appears so. The Catholic vote for Santorum, a solid Catholic. One who is not afraid to talk about and standup for the Churches teaching beyond that one hour on Sunday, doesn't seem to be solidifying.

Mitt Romney seems the candidate of choice for Catholics

...and I can't figure out why?

Crisis online Magazine  has a good article that tries to shed some light on the matter.

Have a read...sad as it is.

Why Catholics Love Mitt Romney  

I read this and I'm still confused....

 ...and I'm still a Santorum supporter.


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