Monday, November 28, 2011

First Mass With the New Changes

Just attended my first mass with the new changes.As can be expected, people are still trying to adapt, being creatures of habit and all.

To be expected.

Over all despite the priest making his little comments trying to be humorous "well here's one part that hasn't changed...Our Father who art in Heaven..."


...the mass went pretty well. Everyone seemed to be accepting. Didn't hear any comments after mass or heavy sighs during mass, which was good.

I like the changes, although I'm still trying to understand the nuances in the meaning. I've been going through Jimmy Akin's book 'Mass Revision: How the Liturgy Is Changing and What It Means for You' Its very helpful. I'd recommend picking up a copy.

Fr. Longenecker has a few good incites to the changes and some of the reactions he's encountered in a post entitled  'All or Many'. Also read his article in the Nat Catholic Reg and see how he prepared his parish for the new translation. (Introducing the New Missal: Why We Worship With Liturgy)  

And finally, a homily by Fr. Barron - Anticipation, The Potter and the Clay  

Any reactions you've encountered on the new translation? Let me know, I'm interested.   

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