Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Megan Kelly Exposes the True Character of the Milwaukee Teachers Union President

This made me sick watching it. As a parent to know the control these Union Bosses have. The ability to look right into the camera and be so evasive, with a straight face portray their efforts as some sort of salvation. Never mind the shambles the school systems is, the low test scores. Never mind the fake doctors notes. One wonders how the teachers can tell their students "Don't cheat in school" yet have doctors lie for them. Maybe having fake doctor notes for kids skipping school is okay as well.

Yes this is in Wisconsin yet it's echoed across the other States of the Republic.

Wisconsin Union President (Video)
To get to the bottom of the matter, Kelly spoke with Mike Langyel, the president of the Milwaukee Wisconsin Teachers Union. She began the interview by asking Langyel whether he condoned union members lying about their health issues so that they could take days off without losing their jobs, to which he responded, multiple times, by talking instead about Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

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