Monday, February 21, 2011

CatholicVote Posts on Wisconsin Standoff

This post from American Papist on Wisconsin Standoff

In Wisconsin, a preview of moral battles to come, and why we need all hands on deck

American by Thomas Peters
3 days ago
I don’t want this post to get us distracted from the important debates and votes happening in DC today, which aim to defund Planned Parenthood and walk back a host of other threats to the unborn and our national fiscal solvency.
 So if you promise to continue keeping the positive pressure on our elected officials here in DC, I will feel free to take a few moments to talk about the important developments happening in Wisconsin. I believe it’s important we understand what is going on from the outset.

Also from American Thinker

The evolving legislative crisis in Wisconsin has illuminated the political symbiosis of the Democrat Party and Big Labor.  Not just the public sector unions, but all unions acting in concert to dominate the political fortunes of Democrats. 

Richard Trumka, the head of the AFL-CIO, graced Madison, Wisconsin with his presence.  Trumka, who rose from being a miner and active member in the UMW union in Pennsylvania to becoming head of the largest labor organization in the country in 1995, has a history of being confrontational. In front of a crowd of some 25,000 union supporters, he supplied a remarkably accurate dramatization of Vladimir Lenin railing against the "fat cats" and "corporations."  Trumka apparently views them as the sole motivating force behind the attempt of Governor Walker and the Republican majorities in the state's Assembly and Senate to balance their state's budget.

Another from American Spectator

The War in Wisconsin
Wisconsin's State Senate Democrats fled the state on Thursday rather than going to work where their presence would have allowed a vote on state budget cuts and controversial rollbacks of public sector union collective bargaining rights in the state that has had them longer than any other. It's not the budget vote precisely that they're avoiding but rather a provision that would essentially strip teachers unions of collective bargaining rights, something no public sector employee should have anyway.

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