Thursday, February 10, 2011

B16 and the Catholic Blogosphere - Tone It Down

A good friend of mine forwarded me an article this morning. The subject being a claimed direction of Pope Benedict to conservative Catholic bloggers to 'tone it down' .

Did he really say that, I don't know I haven't the actual speech yet. One thing I did notice was that the article was written by an ex-Communications Director of Catholic Alliance for the Common Good, a very liberal organization. Liberal as in woman priest, gay marriage etc...

Also the AP is the one reporting this, hardly an objective observer of thing Catholic.

Anyway, here's the article. There will be more this later on the blogosphere.

Vatican to Conservative Bloggers: Tone it Down, Please!

Benedict didn't name names, but the head of the Vatican's social communications office, Archbishop Claudio Celli, said it was certainly correct to direct the pope's exhortation to some conservative Catholic blogs, YouTube channels and sites which, with some vehemence, criticize bishops, public officials and policies they consider not Catholic enough."The risk is there, there's no doubt," Celli said in response to a question.

Original AP article:

Pope to Catholics online: It's not just about hits

Pope Benedict XVI told Catholic bloggers and Facebook and YouTube users Monday to be respectful of others when spreading the Gospel online and not to see their ultimate goal as getting as many online hits as possible.

Echoing concerns in the U.S. about the need to root out online vitriol, Benedict called for the faithful to adopt a "Christian style presence" online that is responsible, honest and discreet.

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