Friday, October 29, 2010

Wake-Up California

I am a life long Californian, Southern California to be exact.

"I love L.A". to quote a famous Randy Newman song. I know it's been said many times before, but I love the diversity of culture. I love the Philippine breakfast after Sunday Mass, maybe a Mexican dinner or some ribs on the barbecue later for dinner.

I love the weather, yea our seasons here in the south land are not the beautiful red's and yellows, and it's not unusual  for us to grilling our meals for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Hey I love it.

We've had to live through some hard times, earthquakes, riots and now more prominent in our present times, high, very high unemployment, businesses exiting the state.

Other things that make me sad about our State like legalizing Pot smoking, abortions rates shamefully high, poor school scores.

I still love L.A. and there is no place I'd rather live.

But, we are now at a cross road. We are now at a moment in time with the elections on Tuesday, when what we do and how we vote will have a profound affect on our lives today and our children's lives for years to come.

I will not tell you how to vote but I will tell you how I will vote. First I am not a Republican or a Democrat... or any other Party loyalist for that matter.

If I have to identified with anything I would say I am Catholic period. I use that foundation to live my daily life, at work, home, in my community and IN THE VOTING BOOTH.

Therefore, my vote for California Senate will go to Carly Fiorina. Anyone who can sit back and look at our wonderful state and say that Barbara Boxer who's been in office 25 years has made our state better is 1) not being truthful, or 2) is just voting party line, or 3) is totally blind to politics and is getting their information from the local news channels and the MSM. We can not afford to have Barbara Boxer in the Senate one day longer.

For State Governor my vote will be for Meg Whitman. Why Jerry Brown is even being considered is beyond me. His previous positions as Governor, State Attorney General, Mayor, School Board of Trustee show his true colors and for me can be summed up in the phrase "Career Politician". His dirty politics (Meg's nanny story, 'whore' statements) is not reason to vote him in.

To put Boxer and Brown in office would sink California. With a fully Democrat controlled legislature the choke hold would be fatal.

There is plenty of commentary out there to explain the details and I will be posting them from now until Tuesday.

Fellow Californians lets all pray together for our State.


It's November 3, 2010. You think you are waking up to a sunny California morning only to realize it's a dark, dark day. Jerry Brown is governor, Gavin Newsom is lieutenant governor, Kamala Harris is attorney general, and the rest of the Democrat ticket has prevailed. California is going to be controlled by San Francisco politics.

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  1. I am praying for your state in the upcoming election. It's gonna be a nail biter. You might enjoy this post I wrote: