Saturday, October 02, 2010

The 'Couinter Rally' - One Nation

The 'Counter Rally' claim is not mine,  but quoted by some of it's attendees. I for one am glad to see voters becoming more enthusiastic about the upcoming November voting.

Up front I tell you that I don't agree with the call of this rally to keep the present administration in office. I just don't agree or support their polices. Their polices because I didn't vote for them nor agree with their approach.

At any rate that's what makes this a great nation, in that we are all able to express our opinions.

I was leery about Saturday's rally because of the amount of Union participation and some of the organizers, like planned parenthood, well we just are on opposite corners of the universe on our stand on life. There's no way I want to march with them.

Also it doesn't say much for President Obama to throw his weight publicly on this 'get together'. I'm sure Jon Stewart is scratching his head right about now.

Thousands of people flocked to the Lincoln Memorial for a rally Saturday organized by labor and civil rights groups, hoping to show support for the Democratic agenda in the face of expected GOP election gains next month. MORE

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