Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Article Round Up Aug 17

Home on Vacation. There is something to say about having a leisurely cup of coffee, knowing I would be in a meeting at the same time if I were at work.

Ahhhh, the sun is shinning bright on this beautiful Southern California morning. It's going to be a hot one and I plan on strolling the Saw Dust festival later today in Laguna Beach. Maybe catch some lunch by the waters.

But for now here's the morning article roundup.

Un-American to Criticise the Chevy Volt - Can you say 'Lemon' boys and girls?

Israel has 8 days to Hit the Iran Nuclear Site - This is scary....

Hindenburg Omen - It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Catholyc Astroturf in Action - Beware of the of the 'Catholyc'

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