Saturday, August 14, 2010

California Prop 19 - Another Step Closer to the Cliff

Just when I was getting through the week with some sense of sanity after the 'Marriage ruling' we in California are again wondering "What the Hell is going on? Have we totally lost our minds?"

It looks like that's exactly what is now being proposed in our Golden (Tarnished) State. Prop 19 is a new proposal up for vote in November to legalize 'Pot Smoking in the Work Place'.

...if there are only Twenty people loyal to you Lord...would you spare us? about 10....5...?

While I will not be moving out of the State anytime soon, I would like to encourage everyone out there in blog land to pray for our State.It's in really bad shape and fear a 'Cliff' is near.

I haven't lost faith in God's providence however it can sometimes sadden the heart.

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